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A selection of my projects. Broadly speaking they fall into the technology-art-experience category, this is the stuff I like to build. If you’d me to build something interesting for you then please, or just want to chat about this stuff then please get in touch.

Description: Early in 2009 I was worked on pieces for Royal Bank of Canada and Nissan Canada, creating custom versions of the TXTris installation for events they were each planning. Both installations allowed partygoers to send in a text message (either Twitter or SMS txt) which was displayed live on the wall projection at the event.

The Nissan version, a collaboration  was an interesting evolution of the previous piece. With a scrolling cityscape, representing Canada West to East, as the background to emphasise the cross-country nature of the event. The piece was simultaneously displayed in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto with messages coming in from attendees at all three events.

Collaborators: Michael Pereira and Simon Conlin

Result: added a fun, interactive way for partygoers to share thoughts and express themselves at live events.

Description: HoHoTO was a holiday party organised by folks from the Toronto tech scene. It was a great time and raised $25k for the local foodbank.

I got involved in creating a projection wall for the event. The wall picked up live content from Twitter messages that attendees were sending out from their cellphones. The messages fell from the top of the screen to bounce and tumble past the HoHoTO logo placed at the bottom of the screen.

Results: During the even hundreds of messages were sent and displayed on a pair of 25ft screens in Toronto’s Mod Club. Photos of the screens in action over on Flickr.

Description: Gaku is a prototype stand-alone device for use by grandparents and grandchildren to communicate, sharing photos and recorded messages. Interface built in Processing and case built in wood. Built during my 2008 residency at the Canadian Film Centre New Media Lab.

Collaborators: Angella Mackey, Deiren Masterson, Jeff Wright with special thanks to Howard Suissa.

Results: user testing and demoing have got a great response. People love the device and really get the human interaction it’s designed to reinforce. We’re looking at options to get this from prototype to market.

Description: An interactive representation of the October 2008 Canadian election results.

Results: Designed for a combination of visual appeal and information density. You can judge the results for yourself.

Description: Providing sound reactivity function for a giant canopy of LED lit balloons to installed above Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas square for the Luminato Festival by KPMB Architects.

Collaborators: David McAllum and Gabe Sawhney as Media Lab Toronto

Client: Luminato Festival and KPMB Architects

Results: The system we developed controlled colour and brightness of 250 internally lit, 5 foot balloons in real time. The system was sound responsive, setting of ripples or lightling bolts of coloured light in response to the noises of spectators in the space. Read more on the blog.

Description: A prototype interface based on the Reactivision open source computer vision system. The physical setup is a table with a translucent top on which you place visual markers that have a unique, amoeba-like, pattern on the reverse. The camera under the table’s surface recognises the position and identity of the markers and projects the user interface graphics onto the same surface.

Results: You can see the results in a video and photos.

Description: TXTris is a txt message wall where the real and computer generated interact. A low-tech 6ft cardboard model of Toronto’s skyline sits in front of large projection screen. Onto this digital messages, received as txt messages from viewers phones, are projected.

The messages appear from the top of the projection and slowly fall down the screen. The physical/virtual cross-over happens when the falling letters reach a cardboard building and rest there.

Collaborators: Dory Kornfeld, Michael Pereira, Gabe Sawhney

Client: CaseCamp Toronto

Results: check out the photos and video.

Description: An interactive data visualization which I built to explore the results of an Ontario election. Designed to emphasise the differences in riding population and gap between the numbers of people registered to vote and those that did so.

Results: you can try the online application yourself or take a look at some stills of the application in action.