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Over the last year or so I’ve been shifting the focus of my work from mostly web based projects to… well, ummmm… to something difficult to define but exciting. Now exciting is great, but difficult to define has some obvious problems. Not least that it’s rather tough to sell services you have trouble defining.

Broadly I call myself as a technologist. I enjoy knowing what tech is out there, what’s newly possible or affordable and using technology to get things done. That’s still pretty broad though, there’s an awful lot of technology and possible applications in the world after all.

So I’m working on figuring out my niche. Defining what I do (and for who and why).

One thing I am sure of: my best work happens when working on interesting problems with smart people. So then, the route forward is obvious: find more interesting problems and work on them with smart people.

Interestingness being subjective, I’ll outline some of the problems I’ve worked on recently that I’d count as interesting:

Luminato 2008 Light Play – Working with KPMB Architects to design and develop sound reactive system for the huge outdoor installation they created. [more details]

Installation for Toronto the Good party 2009 – the brief was to create an interactive, party friendly installation that emphasised Toronto’s history. The solution was a bicycle controlled video tour of the city streets. [more details]

Grandparent/Grandchild communications appliance – starting from scratch to design a relationship specific communications device based around simple sharing of photos and voice messages. [more details]

If you have an interesting problem, or just feel like a chat, please drop me a line.

Written by Patrick Dinnen

August 12th, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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