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Cardboard augmented display prototype

I’m working on an update to the TXTris projection system. You can read about the original and details on how it works. The gist is that it’s a txt message projection system that is ‘aware’ of physical obstacles placed in front of the projection screen.

This new version uses JBox2d, a open source code library for doing in game physics. I’m using it to provide much more realistic behaviour from the text. Now it slides, bounces, flips and falls in a realistic way.

There’s a grainy video after the jump showing how this looks working against my computer monitor. The final will be a projection at wall size.

The text is a portion of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech and the skyline it’s falling onto is Detroit. Congratulations Mr. Obama and U.S. voters for making the right choice.

Written by Patrick Dinnen

November 7th, 2008 at 10:53 am

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